Nemosis IV
Silent and durable PC


The motivation behind this computer was to create a fast yet silencious DDR3 platform using the highest quality components available. This PC won't waste half of its value after a couple of months. With it you could run the latest games*, do 3D editing*, run a high-throughput server or just watch movies quietly without hearing the buzzing sound of fans and the isssing sound of cheap electronic. Unlike off-the-shelf PCs that you find in big retail stores, the Nemosis IV features low-timing RAM, high-efficiency power supply and rock-solid motherboard : a system that will last many years. Everyone should buy top quality electronic material because in the long run it causes less electronic garbage and uses less electricity. Also you enjoy it more.
* The system comes with onboard video card and to run latest games in top speed the addition of a powerful video card of your choice is needed.

This Antec Mini P180 micro ATX case is made of beautiful polished Gun Metal Dual Layer Panels made from 0.8mm cold-rolled Steel giving a unique mirror-like look and amazing soundproofed enclosure.

The motherboard is an
Asus F2A55-M/CSM. It features fanless operation, HDMI output, PCIe 16X, 8 channels audio and Gigabit Ethernet. "CSM" stands form Corporate Stable Motherboard which means Asus certifies us that it has industry-leading stability and extended longevity.

Look at its specifications.

power supply

Super Efficient Seasonic M12II 520W EPS12V Modular*
The power-supply is a Seasonic that produce almost no noise. You will ear it only if you are at 2 inch from it. During high-demand gaming, the fan stays quiet :) I only use top-quality power supply. This one is worth 80$. It will last twice as long as a cheap 50$ ones, run cooler thus quieter, and reduce your electricity bill. Help the planet by reducing the amount of cheap power-supplies you throw in the garbage buy picking up a good one that'll last longer.
*The base system includes a Seasonic 320W which is more than enough if you dont plan to add a powerful video card.

Video Card
ATI Radeon HD7000 DDR3
VGA + DVI + HDMI output

IO connectors / DVI + VGA + HDMI

This is an OnBoard graphic and thus has weaker 3D capabilities. Yet for most of us, it is more than we need because it has stunning 2D transfer rate due to video memory being the same as system memory. This means high transfer capabilities for HD video playback.
What is very hot is that this Nemosis IV platform can be transformed into a powerful gaming machine by adding a decent PCIe video card of your choice.


AMD A8-5600K X4 FM2 3.2GHZ 4MB 100W*

This CPU features a L3 cache of 4MB provides an average performance. This L3 cache runs approximately twice as fast as the system DDR3 memory

Running in idle at 35C you have room to play (as a comparison, my laptop's Turion X2 CPU runs at 72C in idle). Remember, it's not the amount of cores that truely makes a difference, it is the power of one core. Most of the time the critical path for a task to complete or a frame to be drawed is located on only one core and to improve true response-time, you'd better choose a CPU that has two fast cores over four slower cores.
*T base system includes an AMD A4-5300 which is 60$ cheaper and will save you money if you don't require to play games or other CPU-intensive operations.




Corsair Dominator 8GB 4X2GB DDR3-1600 CL8-8-8-24 (CMP8GX3M4A1600C8)

This memory (RAM) rises above what you get in factory-made PCs. It has a low latency. Because of this low latency your applications and games will run quicky-speedy. Not all DDR3 are the same and RAM timing directly affects CPU performance: what's good having a killer CPU if it's idling half the time while waiting for memory transfer. 16GB upgrade is also possible (see upgrades at bottom of page).

Very handy flash card reader (in option).

SD (Secure Digital), Compact Flash, USB 2.0, MMC, XD and others I don't even know about!


flash card reader

hard disk

2 TB Western Digital Green SATA3 64MB Cache
Hard disk: A 2 TB Western Digital SATA-3 model with low speed and low noise. You can upgrade below to a faster one if needed.
Also available in white !
very nice



Case Antec Mini P180 (quiet computing) 79.99$
Motherboard Asus A88XM-PLUS/CSM FM2+ DDR3 104.99$
CPU AMD A4 6300 X2 APU 3.9/3.8GHZ 1MB 65W (AD6300OKHLBOX) 44.99$
CPU Cooler AMD Stock Heatsink included
RAM Corsair Dominator CMD8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB 4X2GB DDR3-1600 CL9 165.52$
Audio OnBoard 7.1 Realtek included
Power Supply Seasonic SS-350ET 350W 59.99$
Hard Disk 2 TB W.D. Green, SATA3, 64MB Cache 99.99$
DVD Writer ASUS DRW-24B1ST 24X SATA Black 19.99$
Total: 575.46$

Common Options Recommended

Price: 493.47$ + taxes = 569.83$